How Many Calories Does a Typical Slice of Pizza Have?

What Influences the Calories in Pizza?

The calorie content of a slice of pizza depends on many factors, such as the type of pizza crust, toppings used, and the particular size of the pizza slice. Thin-crust pizzas usually contain fewer calories than regular or thick-crust options per calorie metric because of the lesser dough volume. Moreover, cheese, meats, and vegetables can substantially influence calorie content by being selected as toppings.

The topping options are the most critical factor in the pizza calorie calculation. Similarly, veggies with lower calorie contents, like tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, are typically included, but oily ingredients that contain more calories, like cheese and meat, may be added in. Knowing the calorie numbers of toppings can help you make prudent choices when placing the order or making it.

How Many Calories is in a Pizza Slice?

Let’s break down the approximate calorie range for a slice of pizza based on different styles and toppings:

Margherita Pizza (12-inch)

  • Thin crust: 175-250 calories
  • Regular crust: 225-300 calories
  • Thick crust: 275-350 calories

Cheese Pizza (12-inch)

  • Thin crust: 200-275 calories
  • Regular crust: 250-325 calories
  • Thick crust: 300-375 calories

Pepperoni Pizza (12-inch)

  • Thin crust: 225-300 calories
  • Regular crust: 275-350 calories
  • Thick crust: 325-400 calories

Vegetable Pizza (12-inch)

  • Thin crust: 175-250 calories
  • Regular crust: 225-300 calories
  • Thick crust: 275-350 calories

Meat Lovers Pizza (12-inch)

  • Thin crust: 275-350 calories
  • Regular crust: 325-400 calories
  • Thick crust: 375-450 calories

Tips for Healthier Pizza Choices

●       Opt for Thin Crust

Our observations show a reduced energy intake for thin crusts, while some thicker crusts may be heavier in calories.

●       Load Up on Veggies

Vegetable toppings add flavor and reduce calorie count, but they fail to compete with the higher calorie content of meats and cheeses.

●       Choose Lean Proteins

Otherwise, choose grain chicken or turkey instead of fat meats such as pepperoni or other best-to-eat items.

●       Watch Portion Sizes

Just as one slice or two of pizza is enjoyable, so should the portion size be the same to keep calorie intake within range.

●       Customize Your Order

One of the singular features that make pizzerias so attractive to patrons is that most of them offer customized options. Cheese can be the culprit of high-calorie counts. Intend on ordering less cheese or having extra veggies added to get the lower calorie counts.

●       Balance Your Meal

Add some healthy sides, such as pizza with a salad or vegetable soup, to get your daily dose of necessary nutrients and fiber.

Drink Water

Drinking water instead of sodas or alcoholic drinks can save you calories. Choose them over sugary sodas to be healthier.

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